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Hello, I love Italy, lucky you!!!! I was diagnosed in 2020 at age 54 with MBC, spread to my bones and lymph nodes. I was put on Kisqali and Anastrozole July 13, 2020. Side effects were there for sure, but then calmed down after 4-5 months and were very manageable most days, then other days I changed up my schedule to allow myself to manage the side effects. Last December we learned that combination of meds were no longer working as the cancer has grown back in the same areas so now I’m on Afinitor and Exemastane and the side effects they bring, only 3 weeks in at the moment and so far so good!. I think there are side effects on all meds but there are also meds and other techniques for coping with the , and for me, as long as the meds are stopping the cancer, that is my priority and I will keep moving forward. My oncologist had told me at the outset that at some point the cancer would find a way around Kisqali and we would have to change to the next step in treatment. We had hoped for two years but it turned out they worked for only 18 months. Now I’m on the next step, and she told me when these stop working she has another plan, and then after that another plan. That keeps me focussed and hopeful, I hope the same for you. Stay strong!

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I love how there are more and more tools in the box for us. MBC is not a short walk anymore. Thank you for posting here.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope the second treatment works well and lasts a long time for you.