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Very mild symptoms of Covid until 3 weeks in. Then I crashed, had to be rushed to the ER with shock, pneumonia, and what they thought was an intestinal blockage. Well it wasn’t a blockage, but I’ve had terrible diarrhea for the 2 weeks after that. Gadtro did a sigmoid?exam while I was in the hospital, said I was severely inflamed and looked infected but I was neg for c-diff. and no block.
So I’m home, been doing a tsp.of Metamucil a day, a probiotic a day but still all day diarrhea and a huge swollen belly. What next???

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I think I should mention that I have Type 1 Diabetes -on CGM, Lupus, IBS, Barrett’s esophagus. These stomach cramps are terrible. There has to be a doctor or treatment that could help me. Has anything wotkfrf?????

ME too..had covid 12/19/21..still having a lot of diarrhea, gas, lots of rectal bleeding. Has anyone told you that you may have ulcerative colitis. I have been in the hospital twice..the meds do not work, many side effects and now they want me to have an IV infusion of a biologic drug, one of the side effects is hair loss as some of the writers on this site have experienced. Anyone getting some help out there for this?