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Ascending Aortic Aneurysm and Exercise

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I am also looking for some more specific guidance on exercise. I have no symptoms but decided to have a CT scan after some friends died and found out I have a 43mm ascending aortic aneurysm. The cardiologist said no heavy lifting that feels like straining and no aerobic activity beyond the point where I can carry on a conversation. I tried to get something more specific, such as a percentage of max heart rate and machines vs. free weights, but he really couldn't be more specific. I'm 64 and taking BP and Beta blocker meds. I'm nervous about what I can keep doing. I came a cross an alternative weight lifting technique called the hundreds where you lift 20% of your 12 rep max for 100 reps (broken into sets based on how many reps you can do in one set). Has anyone tried this? Is it effective? What about cardio. Has anyone been given a more specific set of guidelines?

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i was told nothing over 50 pounds. Cardio was ok to do, so i bike a lot once snow is gone

My 78 year old husband, who is in good physical shape otherwise, was told not to lift over 25 lbs. He was also told to keep his BP under 120/70. He takes 100 mg cozaar at night and 25 mg extended release metropolol. He is doing fine. The aneurysm, which is 46 by the cardiothoracic surgeon's measurement and 48 by the radiologist, has not grown in a year. Of course, at some point it WILL grow.

Interested in any responses to your question, as I have the very same questions and finding very little guidance , even from dr and surgeon. Working out is what helps me physically and mentally and in one years time since my AAA was discovered quite by accident, it has grown from 4.8 to 5.17. I am a nervous wreck and feel so very limited by what I can no longer do ( push-ups pull ups sit-ups ) and 30 lbs is the limit I’m told. I’d like to know if there is a certain heart rate that I should not go over? My BP has been good, I’m on Cardizem, and surgery is probably in my near future. I see cardio thoracic surgeon next week… my anxiety over this is crippling. Oh, and I’m 54 yo female.