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Hello Chris @artscaping Thank you so much for your reply. I read your response to my dad, and here are some of his responses.
He started noticing the plastic feeling, approximately 3-4 years ago, which was his first indication of neuropathy. He said all he knows, is that it is peripheral neuropathy, according to a neurologist at Minneapolis Clinic. My dad hasn’t tried any medications yet, but is hoping for suggestions, as the numbness seems to be increasing. He does not have any pain, with the numbness. He is still mobile, and has not yet needed a walker or wheelchair. My dad has gone to Mayo Clinic, for other health issues, but not yet for neuropathy. He is thinking of making an appointment in Mayo’s Neurology department. We just appreciate any suggestions on things that have helped others. Thank you again, for your warm welcome.

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Good afternoon @janjenny76 ........and thank you for getting back to me. You know, dear daughter, it might be very wise to make the appointment at Mayo Clinic and Neurology would be the right department. My thoughts would be to make sure that your Dad's quality of life is protected and even enhanced by seeking care and treatment at Mayo.

I noticed that @johnbishop responded to your post. John also has no pain with his neuropathy, only numbness. He uses selected supplements to slow down the progression of the numbness. My numbness in the feet is controlled to some extent by MFR, myofascial release therapy. Would you be able to tell me where your Dad lives and I can let you know if there are any MFR therapists near you.

May you and your Dad be safe, protected, and free of inner and outer harm.