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Good afternoon @janjenny76 and her Dad. Welcome to Connect. What a wonderful gift for your dad. I hope you enjoy your participation in the discussion about ways to help and support your Dad. Would it be possible for you to tell me more about the type of neuropathy your Dad has? Has he received a diagnosis from a clinician/neurologist? How long has he been searching for helpful treatments? I understand the reference to "walking on plastic", Does pain accompany the plastic feelings?

Do you have some idea how long your Dad has been coping with neuropathy? Has he ever been given a prescription for gabapentin? What other medications has he tried? Is your Dad mobile or does he need an assist like a walker or chair? On Connect you will meet patients, former patients, providers, and caregivers. They all have personal journeys and unique solutions.

What is your Dad's greatest need right now?

May you and your Dad be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.

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Hello Chris @artscaping Thank you so much for your reply. I read your response to my dad, and here are some of his responses.
He started noticing the plastic feeling, approximately 3-4 years ago, which was his first indication of neuropathy. He said all he knows, is that it is peripheral neuropathy, according to a neurologist at Minneapolis Clinic. My dad hasn’t tried any medications yet, but is hoping for suggestions, as the numbness seems to be increasing. He does not have any pain, with the numbness. He is still mobile, and has not yet needed a walker or wheelchair. My dad has gone to Mayo Clinic, for other health issues, but not yet for neuropathy. He is thinking of making an appointment in Mayo’s Neurology department. We just appreciate any suggestions on things that have helped others. Thank you again, for your warm welcome.