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Wow, I am sorry to hear about what you are enduring! I agree with you that the back pain is the worst - I too had that and almost went to the hospital. How long have you had PMR? Do you think all these other issues you are having are as a result of the Prednisone, the PMR, or did you have some before? So it also sounds like people might reach 100% in the beginning with the Prednisone treatment but it may not last which is discouraging. Thank you for sharing. I hope you get this under control.

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Thanks for your reply! I believe the prednisone is causing the diabetes to be greatly heightened, the BP to elevated like it is and possibly the muscle pains in the back nad increased renal insufficiency. I was diagnosed July 2021 and have been on steroids since then. I have quite a rigorous health history that includes treatment for pancreatic cancer that is now 6 years in remission when I was given 2 months to live back then! I am sure the chemo had an impact on my health but not the PMR. I am with the help of my doctors, going to get off the steroids...and find some steroid-sparing plan that will not be horribly toxic. The PMR I believe came as the result of the Moderna vax (2nd one). I have had 3. And the flu shot in October has greatly contributed to the inflammatory process in my body. Hoping I can get to an even keel soon as I am definitely discouraged!

Just seeing your reply! Thank you. The diabetes escalation and BP increase both due to prednisone. I believe the diverticulitis is also a result of prednisone...I had a sigmoid resection for severe diverticulitis (13 episodes from 2010-2013). This 2021 recurrence is the first since that operation. It occurred right at the connection made surgically. Doctors think the prednisone increased the chance of a maybe vulnerability in that place in my colon. It is almost a year now since that time. It has been a very rough year. But, I am BETTER now. Down to 3.5 mg now on Medrol from 10 for almost 9 months. Body pain/muscle pain maybe a 3 or 4 at times, but mostly maybe 1-2. I can live with that. The overwhelming fatigue is MUCH LESS. My inflammatory markers are almost normal. SED rate as late as April and May 2022 was greater than 130! I felt horrible. It is only 3 months later and I am probably at a 34 SED RATE. CRP normal now.