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And hello to you, @lilymol ! I’m so glad you were able to get to Mayo for a proper diagnosis. And i really agree with going to a major medical center. That’s what i had to do. None of the local doctors knew what i had or how to treat it, so I went to the university hospital and the doctors there knew exactly what to do. Yea!
Do you find that your local doctors are willing to follow Mayo’s plan of care?
I hope you’ll stick around and help others who are fighting sjogrens!

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Hi it is a struggle to find docs locally that support/agree/understand that Sjogrens is a disease (not a little dryness), that you can be seronegative, and that it can cause SFN/POTS/dysautonomia/bone-jt-muscle pain. I joined the Sjogren's foundation, follow Sjogren's Advocate, and now Mayo Connect in hopes of learning about my disease and staying current with the research. Thank you for the warm welcome!

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