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that’s pretty good! What happened after that? Did you stay at 90% or work to get it to 100%?

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It took maybe another few days for 100%! I was good at this level until I had an episode of diverticulitis that i had to have IV antibiotics for 18 days. Hospital 7 of those. Then, 2 weeks later I got the quadravalent flu shot (the strong one for older people). 2 days later I have fever, chills, night sweats. I felt like a huge mack truck hit me., Was hospitalized for this with fevers up to 100.8. More strong antibiotics IV. Rheumy put me up 1 mg to 11 mg prednisone for the "stress" of all the medical conditions. I was on 11 mg for 10 days, then back to 10, i began to taper after 2 weeks, to 9 one day, 10 the next for a week. Then 9/8 (alternate days for 2 weeks). I was okay until I hit 7 mg and my back muscles, shoulder muscles, neck muscles, side of body muscles and profound exhaustion hit. Went back up to 10 mg. it has not worked as well. The 13 mg for 3 days, then 12, 11, 10. I can reach, turn over, get up from sitting position, no pain in hips, shoulders or elbows sleeping at night, just awful muscle distress in back muscles...which is where first
PRM hit. i lived with this pain and the galloping other symptoms---THIS back muscle recurrences is a nightmare. Now I am on Flexeril...i took it twice and slept the entire day....pain relief...but next day not so much as I only took half the dose. I do not want to sleep all day!! Not sure what is up but my oncologist says we have to get me off the steroids...my blood sugar is insane...up to 350 daily...i am now on 3 insulins. Kidneys compromised anyway but now worse...BP increased so I am on double the BP medicine. I don' t know the next step...he is conferring about it but some "steroid sparing" agent" but not Mtrexte...Will write in when I know the plan. Sorry so long a post but your question deserved an answer. Oh, my sed rate in hospital last time was 100 and the crp 47.5. CRP normal now. Sed rate 53.