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Cancer: Nothing about this is normal.

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Never had any survivors guilt. Dr. Truty at Mayo-Rochester told me I was "one of the lucky 20%". He meant I was one of the lucky 20% who could have surgery. Took me a few days to realize I was lucky. I remind my self of that every day, and I try to be a better person. Smile, greet people, offer encouragement. Smiling, being upbeat and polite do not take any more work than wearing a frown and being a grouchy old coot. You never know the physical burden or mental another person is bearing. You may unknowingly be a beacon of hope to someone battling cancer. Best to you and look forward to visiting you and others on this site for many years to come:)

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@dakotarunner Similar to your situation, I am handling two concurrent unrelated cancers, plus failing kidneys unrelated to either one. Something I noticed this week, traveling to my monthly oncology and nephrology appointments, was a major shift in my attitude. Due to the current health situations and Covid infections, it is a rare treat to get out and about. Going to a medical appointment is a big deal for me!! LOL So, even when I am not feeling as good as desired, I keep a lightness in my voice, help others with a smile and being polite. So many are surprised if they hear my health issues, almost always saying, "You're handling it so well, how do you do it, you're an inspiration, etc". I figure somehow I was chosen to play this role, and there is a reason for it, even if it is to encourage someone somehow, making a difference in their life. It's a complicated case, definitely, and it is teaching my medical team [importantly, that includes me!] how to work with all the components involved. One is an incurable blood cancer, the other is remedied by surgery to remove a kidney to delete a tumor there. Taking each day as it comes, having a voice/choice in daily living is important.