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Cancer: Nothing about this is normal.

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Sorry to hear about your second round of cancer. I have the utmost respect for anyone who can “make it through the rain” twice or more.
I became quite Ill after the first cycle of Folfirinox chemo resulting in a 12 day hospital stay on TPN because my guts became inflamed. After my second chemo in chairs, I demanded a booth or bed: other patients were more or less having a party and I was having a panic attack. Going forward, a 50cc shot of fentynal in my port at the beginning of the session, and the next 10 were quite tolerable, bordering on dare I say, enjoyable.
Did/do you feel any survivors guilt? It was crushing at first because all I heard about is what a killer it is and why should I be survive when others die a horrible death. A psychologist has helped me work through it and you are so very right about reason for surviving as there is so much more to be done.
The nurses at LVHNTopper Cancer Center are the best: always willing to listen, advise, and encourage.

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Never had any survivors guilt. Dr. Truty at Mayo-Rochester told me I was "one of the lucky 20%". He meant I was one of the lucky 20% who could have surgery. Took me a few days to realize I was lucky. I remind my self of that every day, and I try to be a better person. Smile, greet people, offer encouragement. Smiling, being upbeat and polite do not take any more work than wearing a frown and being a grouchy old coot. You never know the physical burden or mental another person is bearing. You may unknowingly be a beacon of hope to someone battling cancer. Best to you and look forward to visiting you and others on this site for many years to come:)

Kevin, I am delighted you are a survivor and hope to get that label. I have not had the experience of friends nor anyone voicing that I was doomed. I have thought and vocalized it and then said to self..."even if it is true, am I going to waste my time on gloom or enjoy the life and people I love?" I am trying to do the latter. Keep your head up, smile, because we are certainly smiling for you!