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I was going to ask if anyone had a persistent cough after VAT surgery and removal of lung nodule. But things change. It is now five weeks since my VATs surgery. I begin to have a mild dry cough just days after surgery, no big deal. But about five days ago, the cough became far more frequent and more "congested" with some mucous coming up. I called my surgeon's office yesterday, and they said get tested. I thought it was a waste of time, because I am literally a hermit, but I went to a drive-in testing place and at 8am this morning I got the news that I am Covid positive. I don't have a fever, and don't really feel sick, just the cough which seems better today than two days ago. I had my PFIZER BOOSTER at very end of September 2021. I qualified for emergency antiviral treatment, and it was delivered in two hours to my door. At least something works! I am currently on night oxygen, because my oxygen levels fell during night when I was in hospital. Anyone else had Covid in such circumstances?

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@vic83– You poor thing! As if recovery wasn't hard enough! A lot of us with lung cancer are extra, extra careful about COVID 19. I hope that you heal quickly. Please take care and get a lot of rest, even people with mild cases can have symptoms for a while.

I've been lucky, so far in not having had COVID or its variants. Are you tolerating the meds well?

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