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I was on celexa and weaned my self off twice for the same reason. I also have Gerd and Functional Dyspepsia. I also take propanonol. The only thing that helps is not eating much. I wish I could see a therapist to talk to. I feel I need mental health options to get through. I tried the Mayo where I Dr and theysay their Drs are not taking new patients as they fro not have enough Drs.. It is so frustrating when you have gone there for the original diognoisis. I feel abandoned and hope some one has exercises to help with anxiety.

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Hi @ivon, have you tried FDgard for your Functional Dyspepsia? It has really helped my husband over the past year to the point he no longer has to take it! His gastroenterologist suggested it. FDgard is an over the counter product that targets the gut with soothing caraway oil and peppermint oil. It would bring my husband immediate relief.
It’s sold in drugstores and places like Amazon. He’d also sip on ice water before he discovered the FDgard.

Having stomach issues can really be frustrating and cause a lot of stress. You mentioned wanting exercises to help with anxiety. Because of Covid, it is sometimes difficult to get appointments we need with therapists, so there are things we can do at home to relieve anxiety.
Youtube has a lot of videos for calming and clearing the mind. I posted some links for you to get you started.
Anytime I’m feeling anxious I work on distracting myself through artwork, sewing, etc. I also take 2 very long walks daily which really helps keep the mind centered. But even short walks can clear the head! Do you enjoy walking or exercise daily? What types of activities do you enjoy doing?

Hi Ivon. I’m the one that originally posted about anxiety and GERD. Like I said propranolol weakens the splincter to your stomach. My regular dr stated it also. It allows acid back up. I think it’s a vicious circle. I started having more reflux problems after I was put on the extended release propranolol. For 3 days constant nausea. Went back to the regular propranolol. But having restless and edginess. About a year ago I was told about FDgard. It didn’t help me. I think all these different antidepressants I’ve tried put havoc on my digestive issues. As for Mayo, we don’t live close by even if they accepted new patients. For somewhat with anxiety it’s difficult to go far away. Plus the reflux makes you so uncomfortable. I see a therapist and a psychiatrist. I understand your frustration. When you feel
horrible exercise for me doesn’t seem to help. Trying to journal. Sometimes doing a craft. All of it doesn’t seem to help. I was doing fine until pandemic hit and then I took myself off of celexa. At the time of that I wasn’t seeing a therapist or psychiatrist. I started back seeing my old psychiatrist in late 2020 and started to try all different meds. I’ve been suffering over a year. So I hope you can find relief. If you do, tell me what you did and i could try it. Good luck and thank you for listening

Hi @lvon I thought of another little tool for a stress reliever for you. It’s pretty therapeutic and calming. I’ve been doing this for a number of years and find it’s a relaxing way to refocus my thoughts. It’s called Neurographic art. Here’s a little tutorial I found that gives the theory behind it and also a quick ‘how to’.

I’m glad to hear you’re trying the suggestions from members in this group? Do you enjoy doing art and crafts?

@lvon – I gave up anxiety meds and found breathing exercises more helpful. Here is a set I googled for you. I do the belly breathing any time I have an anxiety/panic attack and it has helped each time.
Also for GERD attacks in between scheduled meds, sipping a little water helps to relieve the pain. I always have a glass of water or a water bottle within reach, to take a few sips as soon as the pain starts.