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Cancer: Nothing about this is normal.

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I know I did some crying during chemo and wanted to quit at session 5 of 12. But with the strong urging of my wife, I went through the whole thing. I tried to get control of my mind, something I had not been doing. I quit sitting in a certain chemo chair, as it seemed that I always got nauseous in that chair - that was a mind game that I finally got over. The nurses gave me a big pep talk when I wanted to quit, not an ass chewing, but a pep talk. Some things got better, and some (not sleeping) got worse. but I got thru it, and things got rapidly better. I had dropped 55 pounds when I was sick, then surgery, and chemo. But at the end of chemo I had a good appetite and could eat like horse, and still do.
I also began to feel better mentally, and have gained back 31 pounds. I pushed as hard as I could physically both during chemo and after. I came to realize I am in a lot better boat than many I had seen at Mayo, and in the infusion room. I had three friend who were in the infusion room at the same time. I say "had", as they have all passed on - which is another point to ponder. I am 3 years out from Whipple, so God has more plans for me, and what ever they are, I will gladly face them.
Not everyone has the same results after Whipple and chemo, so there is no one story fits all. What advice I will offer is to not keep everything to yourself. You are not alone! Talk to your nurses, spouse, friends, even enemies if you are really in a crappy mood! 🙂
Before chemo, all I had heard about it was the nausea and other not nice side effects. Yes, I did run into that, but when people ask me about it, I tell them the main culprits that are not mentioned is how it beats you up mentally and emotionally. I am presently have a recurrence from another type of cancer than the pancreatic. This timer I am emotionally, mentally and spiritually ready for what ever comes - be it chemo or some thing else. And I will find something to laugh about.
Blessings to everyone.

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@dakotarunner Reading your message really brings inspiration. I don’t have cancer, but i do have an autoimmune disease that required chemo to bring it under control. It was a scary experience. Keeping on inspiring people!