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Dealing with brain fog: What helps you?

Autoimmune Diseases | Last Active: Nov 29, 2023 | Replies (26)

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Hello @petuniamom567 I can certainly understand your total frustration with brain fog, especially after 40 years! I only had it for about a year after my diagnosis of an autoimmune disease that impacted my brain. I see lots of articles discussing brain fog, but no one researching it. AARDA , the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Assoc., says that researchers get very little funding, which greatly impacts all of us. I do have this article from Psychology Today magazine which talks about brain fog.
How do you compensate for brain fog in your daily life? Any tips for others?

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Thanks so much for article recommendation. Interesting. Not that helpful. By this time, now used most of those aids. You are absolutely correct about the funding. Don't think researchers would like it, if they had brain fog. They don't seem to be very aggressive or creative. There has to be link between brain function and brain fog and possibly autoimmune disease. Don't understand why physicians aren't paying attention. Also, there isn't much PR about ME/CFS and its side effects. Just fibromyalgia because drugs which cost patient money and can pay insurance. Still think it would be great to to have ME/CFS
brain fog group. Patients might be brighter than most physicians think not just pests. In passing, I haven't really compensated.
I'm a writer and my career was ruined. Developed ME/CFS while getting MFA and could never really hold job after that. Wish
I could be more positive. If you write, try to keep writing. Also, read as much as possible and have as much social contact as
possible. No meds really worked regardless of what articles said. Some large hospitals have ME/CFS centers and they might
offer help. Again, many thanks for article.