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Greetings, I had a breakthrough case of covid five months ago, all gastrointestinal symptoms. The symptoms still are recurring every few days. No gastrointestinal remedies seem to help: probiotics, prebiotics, Curing Pills, prevacid, all no help. Anyone having any success with gastro symptoms? Thank you!

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Welcome, Greg. I moved your question about gastro symptoms post-COVID to this existing discussion that @sieb369 started called "Covid Recovery: How can I manage GI issues?" https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/covid-recovery-and-gi-pain/

I did this so you can connect with Sieb and others talking about GI symptoms like @ineedanswers38 @tschumpers5 @luisa22 and @lauriekh

If you are also dealing with nausea, check out this related discussion:
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Greg, what symptoms are you experiencing? Do any foods trigger the issues or help?

I'm a 53 year old female
Vagus nerve?
I quit all Pharma, alcohol, and am working on a back to basics lifestyle
Started this a year ago. My inflammation has improved substantially
Lymph drain massage, diet, excersize, sleep, balance, therapy, swimming, yoga, community, work. Prayer
New habits
Things that bring joy

Same, but mine have been going on for 2 years. Dr thought it was Appendix, removed May 2020. No relief. Removed Gal Bladder Jan 2021. No relief.

The only relief I can find it a strain of marijuana that keeps the nausea at bay.

It is so weird. It is like sometimes I am hungry, but my body is revolted by the thought of food. I have pains in my upper left abdomen. If I do not have 4 to 8 bowels movements per day, it is none for 4 to 5 days.