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Mold Toxicity

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Dear @sundance6 :

Do not take mold lightly. I worked in a building for 3 years that caused much hardship. Tenants in this building year in a year out left due to illness.
No one could figure out why. Most states do not even recognize mold as a harmful item. Shoot most doctors don't recognize mold as an issue. It wasn't until our functional medicine doctor made an issue about it that we started to focus in on it. Eventually we discovered he was right and there was mold in the building.

Mold can cause issues on your health and it creeps up slowly over time which makes it difficult to diagnose. Usually starts with some stiffness in the hips and irritability. You may get insomnia and maybe even some anxiety. Eventually it will cause shortness of breath and digestive issues. The worse part is that main stream medicine doesn't know how to tackle the situation. This is why doctors like Shoemaker and Brewer make a fortune because they cater to this illness but even their methods are not really perfect and in my opinion subpar. Mold is by far more harmful than our western medicine recognizes and society recognize. I know this first hand and have seen so much illness due to my experience in that building.

If you are experiencing shortness of breath, good luck getting help from doctors. They will do the normal routine. They will do a chest x-ray. Then they will make you do a pulmonary function test. After that an echo will be ordered. If you have a cardio doctor on your team they will probably order a stress test. They may tell you to get an 02 monitor (the little finger device) to check your 02 levels. If you are lucky a CT scan will be ordered or MRI. The crazy part is all of these will most likely test out fine. The reason I believe is mold effects your bloods ability to transport oxygen. Thus you have all the oxygen you need in the lungs (hence the perfect tests) but it isn't getting to your organs and thus you have air hunger.

The worse part of all of this, is once doctors have deemed you are fine in the lungs they will either tell you it is anxiety and put you on SSRI's which doesn't work or they will tell you it is GERD and put you on PPI's which in the long run will only make things worse. Both diagnosis are awful and in reality lazy medical practices because essentially the doctor is saying this is your fault when it isn't.

I'm not telling you this to dishearten you as I'm in search for the solution and I believe it is out there. What I do know is people need to know this information so they don't get cornered that it is just in their heads. It is not in your head. You will find Lyme is usually triggered due to mold (lots of research on this fyi). Shoot there is also research supporting that mold triggers autoimmune conditions. Stay positive, have faith, and may you have a speedy recovery!

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diomit, Thanks for the info. I just moved into a 100-year-old ranch house. I'm sure it has suffered from mold. It's 200 yards from a small river in Northern New Mexico. What I have done is find some Charcoal bags to hang around the house. I also went out and got Air Purifiers for each room. Seems to help.
Thanks,, RB

Sorry…..I don't mean to be combative, but if Mayo says that black mold is not dangerous…..it is not dangerous. They are the best. And the best part, we are documenting this and their position. Others say that black mold is dangerous, but Mayo is not one to take a position which speaks volumes. Either it is or is not. Mayo………if you don't know……say that you don't know. That is fine. Too many of us believe what we read on the internet and that is full of fake information. Please weigh in. Thanks.

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