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@jamineibs – I can address your concerns and let you in on what you might see in your future. One thing that surgeons look at when surgery is considered is the location of the lesion in question, the size, and composition. They also look at how much healthy lung tissue you have and if the lesion is actually operable. If not (and you would have to ask your doctor why not) you most likely be offered SBRT. I have written about this and there are many many articles written about it. I have had it twice with two different types of beams. My cancer did not return.

My oncologist calls Multifocal Whack a Mole. lol But it's certainly an apt description! My last lobectomy, by the way, was in my early 60's and I rebounded very well. Remember, it all depends on how you have been living and what other illnesses, if any, you might have.

I was very fortunate that I didn't have COVID 19 around. But my upcoming, maybe SBRT will be during it and I'm sure that it will be a different world for me.

This will make my 6th cancer treatment, my 3rd SBRT. I might not have the same lung capacity as I used to but my life isn't over. I think that living harder after cancer is so important. By harder, I mean with more purpose. What do you think?

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Wack a Mole. Sounds about right.
Living your best life with purpose is a must. I have share. The most amazing things happened to me in the couple years leading up to my cancer diagnosis. I have always had a pretty good life, not much to complain about except those thing I let hold me back from truly living my best life. You know those things you put off because your waiting for someone else or don’t want to spend the time or it’s too hard – whatever it is. Well, a couple years before, almost subconsciously I started checking off those things, those things that allowed me to live with more purpose. I don’t know that I even realized the shift so much until I got the diagnosis. I didn’t freak out or cry. After processing all of it, I realized the good Lord had been working in me and preparing me for that moment. I felt His presence so strongly it’s as if he were carrying me. I have no doubt, had I not started down the path toward living my best life, I would have freaked out worrying about all of those things I have pushed aside waiting for the right time, worry about running out of time, and resenting those people I felt held me back. Instead, i didn’t have to worry about any of that because I was already on a good path. I was able to remain calm and find out as much as I could about this disease, so I was able to make health care decisions based on facts and research and not irrational fear.

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