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Hi all, not sure anyone is still following this and realize it has been a while since I chimed in, but just wanted to provide an update. Well, I am still alive and kicking! Since my last update I have had many, many tests but nothing definitive has showed up. I was making a slow, plodding improvement (which led a couple of my doctors to believe my symptoms were due to ANS damage from the general anesthesia), and got maybe back to 50%. I was able to go back to work in a part time capacity, though I still wasn’t as capable as before. Then unfortunately I got COVID which REALLY brought back all of my symptoms with a vengeance. One doctor told me she has seen that with CoVID and people who have had neurological complications, etc., and expected that I would slowly get better again. I have made improvements since then but many of my symptoms still persist. I believe I am at a crossroads where the doctors have thrown in the towel, but I keep pressing. Several doctors do believe it is anxiety/panic related but I have unusual test results that don’t really point in that direction- specifically lower than normal AM cortisol (when my symptoms are at their worst even), lowered heart rate, etc. I’ve also started experiencing ocular migraines which I never had before and bouts of shooting nerve pain like bee stings all over my right side, and only right side of my body. I also am constantly dehydrated per urine testing even though I drink 100-150 ounces of water each day. I have also had consistent moderate blood in my urine that can’t be explained. And although they are lesser, I still have strange vibrations in my head that hit hard and then disappear, along with dizziness. All quite odd indeed. Anyway, that’s where I am at- still plugging away and somewhat better but nowhere near where I was before the surgery. Thanks all!

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@stevetaylor721 Hey, good to hear from you. Great news, you got back to work part time!! Almost at 50% is better than no %.

I'm sorry to hear about your COVID set back. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, (which I am, wink wink) I still stand by Mayo Clinic Pain Rehab being able to assist your many factors and plethora of symptoms that doctors have thrown the towel in on. You check off so many boxes on the list that PRC can help with:

neurological complications
ocular migraines
shooting nerve pain

In any case, I am so happy to hear you are still plugging away, and are somewhat better. I'll keep rooting you on! Thanks for the update. Will you continue to keep us posted on your progress?