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I now know I have multifocal adenocarcinoma also……. I had VAT surgery with 3.1cm nodule removed end of December. Stage was 1b because of size, lymph nodes negative, 1 cm margins negative. I have at least 3 more small nodules (one in the other lung) and GGO in both lungs. I am waiting for an appointment to be set up so I can get information on what my future treatment plan will look like. I am an active 80-year-old, and supported surgery well. I went from a chest x-ray . CT scan, PET scan to VAT surgery in 7 weeks. I didn't want to waste time. I have been reading some of your posts to try and figure out my future. I would like to go on vacation somewhere

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Vic- You had me laughing out loud with your response! haha. After my second lobectomy that removed 3 lesions, I went to Paris. I climbed many stairs, walked all day long, and ate and drank. Yes, I was younger but I didn't let anything stop me. I didn't even think about cancer. If I were you I would take off and do what you want! If you chose to fly or take cruises please remember that COIVD19 is still around.

If you chose to fly make sure that you have clearance from your doctor. We had a trip to Israel planned. My long wished for trip. We had deposits down and our flights booked. We got nixed by my radiologist.

Vic, go where you can when you can and do what you can as long as you can! Can I come too?

I have the same diagnosis. Multi-focal adenocarcinoma – possibly in situ, meaning the nodules in the glands could turn o to cancer someday, but they may not be now.
For me it was somewhat similar – I had needle biopsy of growing GGO, PET, and VAT wedge resection for two 1+ cm nodules in upper left – this all happened in 7 weeks, including changing from other cancer center to Mayo and their doctors and I insisted on moving my planned 12 day vacation up to take before the surgery.

I am 50 and very active. 4 nodules remain one in each lobe ((range .5cm – 1cm all GGO), but except upper left is now clear. I am now on a plan to repeat CT scans every 6 months. If changes or growth happen we will act on them, but if they remain stable we do nothing. At my first CT after surgery, all nodules remained stable – repeat CT in June. My pulmonologist said they could be nothing or they could eventually be something. My oncologist said to think of it as a marathon, not a sprint.
Nice to hear the surgery went well for you, it is one of my concerns as I get older too. While very scary coming up to it, the surgery was a breeze compared to others I’ve had. I worry how will I tolerate it if I have to do it at 60 or 70 or older. I decided, I’ll just be thankful to be alive still and cross that bridge when I come to it.
Best wishes to you on your journey.

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