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Ongoing Chest Pain

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It’s been an overwhelming year for me. I have been having chest pains since April. The pains are a strong pinch/striking pain. It comes in episodes. The pain lasts for a second and returns every 5-15mins until it is completely gone(takes3-5 days to stop) I have seen 3 cardiologist and my heart is fine. I have seen 4 primary care physicians they can’t tell me what it is. This week the pain has come back it and is now happening in my left breast area. It usually happens right in the center of my chest. Episodes happened April, July, October, now. I can’t find anything triggering it. It comes when I’m resting, walking etc. I do noticed it stops when I am laying down very still. I never had anxiety in my life so I don’t think it’s it. I seen a gastro dr. She said I have mild acid but nothing to cause the pain. Please help me I am so lost and it’s really having an negative impact on my life. I am a 28 year old woman.

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Hello Sabrina. I am sorry that your chest pain has been so frustrating. You are very young. To not get answers can be overwhelming for sure. There is a heart condition that I will point you towards, for you to look at. It is cardiac micro artery spasm, or spasm of the little arteries which supply the heart muscle, secondary to endothelial dysfunction. It is hard to diagnose, and requires a different approach to treat. Therefore clarification is really important. Clarification of any chest pain is very important. Maybe the moderator of this discussion could pull up some reliable cardiac articles to help. I know that the Mayo chest pain clinics deal with this, and have good treatment options which help patients lead normal day to day lives. I hope this helps, and I hope you are able to achieve clarification going forward. Good luck!!!