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bdungan (@bdungan)

Hole in my esophagus

Esophageal Cancer | Last Active: Jan 27, 2022 | Replies (4)

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Thanks so much for your comment. I am on my third stomach port. First one fell out second one leaked I had a new one put in this week. It seems to be. Working. I just get so thirsty. I can rinse my mouth out but I’m not supposed to swallow.

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@bdungan You can also take on water through the stomach tube. You might ask your doctor how much you need in addition to the liquid meals. I'm sure you are flushing the tubes with water anyway during your protocol. It also helps to clean the skin around the port daily to make sure it isn't getting infected. I would think a hole in the esophagus could also be a path for infection within the body. Have you been prescribed antibiotics?

You doctor may already have this information. Here is the page on the Mayo website for physician referrals to Mayo.
Hopefully, you will hear something soon. I know it's hard to live with the limitations. At which of the Mayo campuses are you trying to be seen for an appointment?