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Hi @marilynredder2367 I just had to pop into this conversation to let you know a little more about antibody tests for the Covid Virus and the Covid vaccines.

The reason physicians hesitate to order covid antibody tests is because the test can’t tell you if you’re protected against the disease. It can show that you’ve had the virus and/or it can show you’ve had an immune response to the vaccination.
But the tests don’t tell the whole story in terms of the immune cells and a person’s overall ability to respond to infection. Even if our antibody count is low we could still be having an immune response from our B and T cells. But it’s not known the amount of antibodies needed for protection against COVID-19 so these tests are of limited help.

I found a good article which explains the different types of Covid testing in greater detail.
I know we’re all tired of having to be wary of Covid. But it’s going to be around for a while yet, whether we’re protected or not. What are you doing to stay safe?

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The reason doctors are reluctant to order antibody tests is a fear of FDA reprisal. The FDA strongly discourages release of quantitative test results to individuals requesting them.