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@teacherwife74, You can apply to the Virtual 12-Week Treatment Program at Mayo Clinic by going to the appointment requests page here: http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

The 12-week virtual program is an extension of the inperson program. First the Mayo COVID team evaluates every person in-person to see if they find anything unusual that warrants treatment before starting the virtual program for treatment. In person appointments at Mayo's Post-COVID-19 Care Clinic are available at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida and Rochester, Minnesota.

Appointment availability may limited as there is more demand than capacity at the moment. I suggest you contact Mayo, Rochester again and ask specifically for the Post-COVID-19 Care Clinic.

Here is a description of the program:
"At Mayo Clinic, the primary treatment for post COVID-19 syndrome is guided rehabilitation. Our team helps participants learn and implement new, simple skills at a graded and paced interval, to improve overall functioning and achieve a better quality of life following COVID-19 infection.

Whether local, or from afar, the 12-week program offers virtual treatment and ongoing support. The program begins with two virtual group sessions hosted by nurses and health and wellness specialist. The sessions help participants understand how COVID-19 has impacted their body and contributed to ongoing symptoms. These sessions also provide simple techniques to incorporate into day to day activities to help participants achieve health and wellness goals. Following the virtual sessions, the program continues with ongoing support from our team, who will work with participants on a one on one basis, to help guide and motivate them. Our expert nursing and provider teams will follow up at several touchpoints to check in on progress made and will modify the care plan as needed to help participants reach their goals. "

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What Mayo Clinic is it based out of?

Can you share a link to the program itself... overview of some sort that clarifies who it is for, what is offered, intended outcomes? I see your summary but cannot find anything on the Mayo website. A link would help.

I have used the link to go to my portal to try to get into the 12 virtual long covid, but when you click on schedule an appointment, there is nothing about long covid? I was just at Mayo in Phoenix for 5 days with GI issues possibly caused by long covid. They said they would set me up with some sort of long covid, but no one has called yet, and using the link you provided displays nothing to enroll for virtual either? Any assistance would be appreciated. thank you.