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Hello @tsc,

It is such a pleasure to get to know you better. Our paths on Connect have not crossed as I tend to stay in the cancer groups (in particular NETs) and the Parkinson's group. I did, however, relate to your narrative about Connect. I also find a great deal of strength in the members who post. As you said, my health issues seem to pale in comparison to others and I so admire their courage when faced with difficult health issues. I believe that the courage I read about has a way of strengthening me as well.

I also appreciate the encouragement that is offered on Connect. Many members join Connect feeling very weak and insecure, especially if they have just been diagnosed with a new health issue. As I watch the strength they garner from reading other members' posts I realize that encouragement is important and that is what we can all give to each other on Connect.

I also found your reference to Sara Meeks interesting as I have osteopenia and had not heard of her spinal decompression exercises. I will look for it.

Thank you for your participation here on Connect. You help make this online community a safe and helpful place for others!

A special thanks to John, @johnbishop, for reaching out and providing this great Spotlight!

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Thank you so much for your encouragment, Teresa. We share the same name, without the "h", but I've always been Teri. It would be good to have this forum in "normal" times, but at this time, deep into the pandemic, which just keeps coming at us, this forum offers us meaningful contact with others and combats feelings of isolation, factors which contribute to health. I think Mentors are a special breed, dedicating more time and commitment to Connect. Thank you for your work, and best in health!