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Psoriasis and the covid vaccine.

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Thank you so much for this very informative answer it is much appreciated! May I asked you another question? Since our immune system naturally weakens as we age…I am now 77. Started Enbrel 25 years ago..,should I not diminish the dose I take now?

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It’s my pleasure. I have an entirely new immune system after receiving a bone marrow transplant almost 3 years ago. So it’s been education by immersion with all the intricacies of our immune systems and how vaccines work.

You posed a good question about diminishing doses as we age. That’s something which has to be talked over with your doctor. But really, if the medication has been successfully working for you and you’re not having any side effects from the Enbrel, then in my opinion I wouldn’t ask to make any changes. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Some medications are also less tolerated than others so it’s a case by case situation.

I think I read that your former doctor retired and now you need to find a new one? I hope you find someone you can work with. It can be frustrating breaking in a new doctor. I had to meet with a new primary care provider this week. First time in 3 years because I can now start to migrate back to general care after leukemia and transplant. Ohh my gosh!! Hahah. Trying to explain my medical history in a nutshell was hilarious. But I think this guy will be a good addition to my extended healthcare team. I have him a folder of some heavy reading to catch him up! 😅

Did your former doctor provide any referrals to someone he trusts to take over your care?

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