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I REALLY WANT TO GET THE PFIZER VACCINE !! I had Covid-19 and do NOT want to repeat that experience. I have been seeking answers from my doctor and pharmacists but so far, there is no research data, only clinical reports of individuals. I was diagnosed with MS in 2004 and have been taking Avonex Interferon beta 1-a since the day of my diagnosis. I have had ZERO symptoms and NO relapses since my first episode 18 years ago. I am hesitant to tamper with the status quo since I’ve had such success so far. I live alone and am retired. I order groceries and pay my bills on-line. I have no exposure to other people. I got Covid from a non-symptomatic electrician who came to my home to do some work. I was in his presence only long enough to write a check and hand it to him. Neither of us wore a mask. Ten days later I had ALL the symptoms and made arrangements for my dogs in the event of my death. When I ask for information about the potential interaction between interferon and Covid-19 vaccines, I pretty much only get advised to GET VACCINATED. I don’t need to be persuaded. I already want to be vaccinated. I already know how bad Covid-19 is. I just want to know the answer to this one question. Will the interferon immune suppressant be as effective if I am vaccinated with an immune stimulant ? Put another way, will the Covid-19 immune stimulant be effective if I continue to take an immune suppressant ? Most recently, I put this simple question to the Pfizer Company: Should I stop taking my immune suppressant before being vaccinated with your Covid-19 vaccine ? I’m waiting for an answer. Meanwhile, I am healthy and have no real complaints. I’d like to return to swimming and participate in yoga classes at the YMCA but I don’t dare do that without a Covid-19 vaccine. My Neurologist and I have an appointment next month to decide which route I should follow: Continue Avonex and get the vaccine or stop Avonex and get the vaccine or basically continue to isolate until the pandemic goes away

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I take Actemra for autoimmune disease. Got 3 shots. Antibodies only 130 need 250. By now who knows. Could be 0. Drug was moderna.

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