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@sue225 and @sepdvm I want to extend best wishes, hopes and prayers for your husbands’ continued recoveries from their surgeries. My dad had extensive abdominal surgeries at age 81 ( 3, I think) and also had hiccups & spasms. He was given metoclopromide in a liquid form. I guess it was only temporary and helped. I didn’t know about it at the time and found the partly used bottle years later when I was helping my parents clean out their place to move.
Fast forward a few years to my own metoclopromide (aka Reglan) situation. I am diabetic and had developed an autonomic neuropathy complication condition called gastroparesis. Basically it causes a disruption in normal digestion and leads to terrible GI symptoms. I was prescribed metoclopromide for this. It worked great on the gastroparesis but what I didn’t know was that it is a neuroleptic medication (effects nervous system) and can result in a condition called Tardive Dyskinesia ( an uncontrollable movement disorder). I suspect this is what your medical teams were referring to when they described cautions regarding side effects. I took this med for about 2-3 years and did indeed develop Tardive Dyskinesia. ( I have since learned that the med is supposed to be a short term treatment.) Having Tardive Dyskinesia was one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced. I lost about 4 years of my life to it (career, misdiagnosis & treatment that was ineffective…etc). A neurologist finally caught it and said “It is the Reglan. I want you off the Reglan. You have drug induced Tardive Dyskinesia.” This was such a big deal there was a class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical companies because of inadequate warning labeling. I was part of this. We “won” but the meager compensation doesn’t begin to cover the anguish & toll this experience had on us and our families. Now that I’ve shared all this (TMI), I beg you to proceed with extreme caution when it comes to metoclopromide.

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TD sounds like a horrible thing to suffer through. So sorry you dealt with that for so many years. As a veterinarian I am aware of possible neurologic side effects in animals. Luckily nothing like TD. The main issue with using it after a bowel resection is causing the stomach peristalsis before the rest of the GI tract is healed and functional, at least in animals. A low dose of Gabapentin for 2 days worked well for Tim to control and stop hiccups. It seems to be a newer solution per my research. I don't know what is used when people have long term chronic hiccups, but obviously Reglan is not a safe choice for everyone.