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Thank you so much, Stan. I have Multifocal Adenocarcinoma and it is a rare (getting less so) sub- NSCLC. It consisted of multiple primary cancers rather than metastases and needs to be treated much differently. I've had this for many many years and the reason that SBRT would be used is that it's the safest, tissue-sparing treatment that will actually kill the lesion. It will be no more!

I'm not sure if they will do a PET scan unless they have to as part as the protocol. My team knows what needs to be done as I've had about 7 of these removed so far, including 2 lobes!

How are you doing? When was your last surgery?

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I now know I have multifocal adenocarcinoma also……. I had VAT surgery with 3.1cm nodule removed end of December. Stage was 1b because of size, lymph nodes negative, 1 cm margins negative. I have at least 3 more small nodules (one in the other lung) and GGO in both lungs. I am waiting for an appointment to be set up so I can get information on what my future treatment plan will look like. I am an active 80-year-old, and supported surgery well. I went from a chest x-ray . CT scan, PET scan to VAT surgery in 7 weeks. I didn't want to waste time. I have been reading some of your posts to try and figure out my future. I would like to go on vacation somewhere

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