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I need a TKR: Do I do it, or go as long as I can?

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Hello @happyat76, You will notice that we have merged your discussion to a similar discussion you started on the same topic so that other members following your story can stay updated. It sounds like you are still undecided about getting a knee replacement to help with the pain. I had my right knee replaced two years ago when I was 76 and it has gotten rid of the pain for me. One of the keys for me for having a successful recovery was following the surgeons instructions by doing pre-surgery exercises and post-surgery exercises to build the knee strength and make recovery easier.

Here is some information on the knee replacement procedure if that is the question you are asking - https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/knee-replacement/about/pac-20385276.

It sounds like you were still trying to decide whether or not to live with the pain in May of last year. Have you made a decision yet or discussed your concerns with your doctor or surgeon?

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Im 65 years of age. I worked a very physical job heavy lifting on my feet the entire time 8 hours. I had to wait for my retirement. I waited over a year. I wore an off loader brace (got from my ortho doctor) however. If I had not been so close to retirement (if I had taken off the time to recover I would of had to make up the time for retirement) i didnt want to go back to the tough job after I had the TKR.
I also need the other knee done. I had my TKR in July 2021 end of the month. I will be getting the other knee done March 2022.
I believe there is such a thing as waiting too long. Ive also heard and read about this theory.
Im doing great with my replacement. I have had issues with hypertrophy incision THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY SURGEON.
I wish I could of had my TKR sooner. The no pain in my knee joint and getting around has been wonderful .

Hello John,
Thank you very much for your reply. To be honest, I did have the surgery done on my knee on October 21, 2021. I was kind of looking for some remarks as to how long it takes to get back to some kind of normal. I will tell you my story. I don't have any more OA in my knee and I can walk pretty well, go up and downstairs with not too much trouble. I did see the specialist last week and he is quite pleased with what he saw. I didn't ask him the questions I wanted an answer for as I was in a very depressed mood that day because I was alone and was very nervous. I usually am. I can bend my knee just so far and it begins to hurt in the back of my knee. This will most likely get better as I do the exercises right? My knee still feels very tight, what is this about? I get some really sharp pains in my knee and down my leg now and then. The Dr. said to be patient and the pain will go away in another three months. He also said it takes about one year to get sort of back to normal. What do you think about what I have said now?