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Hypothyroidism along with epilepsy

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Yes, my gynecologist is the one who is monitoring it but I don’t think all the right blood work has been done to fully see where it’s at. Maybe I’m wrong. My epileptolgist is aware of my fainting episodes which I do know are seizures that’s why I’d rather him refer me but still haven’t received a call with the appointment .

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Hi Jaderm. First off I know Endocrinologists are hard to get into see. A very busy specialty! A call to your physician to check on the progress of your requested referral would be appropriate. Meanwhile your falls are an eminent danger to your health, which you clearly have worked very hard to improve. There are seizure alert devices out there and pulse oximeter devices, both of which have alarms which are connected to apps on phones. You mentioned that you have a good support network. That’s excellent! These people can be part of a team of your personal first responders. If you were to fall during a seizure and land in a low oxygen position, or fall and hit your head, or something else, your alert system could be triggered on your phone, which could then alert a first responder to come to your aid. In addition, you should take a look around at your environment and pick out potential sharp/hard objects which might injure your head. If you swim, make an emergency arrangement with a partner to swim with. Same with other exercise. You likely already have a medical alert bracelet/necklace. Regarding the thyroid, a call to request a follow up blood draw is perfectly acceptable . I hope these things help. Meanwhile, try to not fall. Good luck ❤️