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@tsc, I agree with what you said about the strength of so many members who persevere, seek answers and wellness in the face of so much adversity. I also find Connect to be a place of hope and inspiration during times of trouble. I am happy to meet you here as I mostly participate in the Transplant Group after discovering Mayo Clinic Connect after my organ transplant.
Last evening as I read your interview, I felt a genuine sense of comfort and calmness. Thank you for this interview.
How does one become a textile restorer? Are you a quilter yourself?

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Hi @rosemarya I just finished typing a reply to you, then somehow lost it. Frustrating! I cannot imagine what you have endured in receiving an organ transplant. When I start thinking what I have been through is extraordinary I meet others through Connect and my experiences pale in comparison.
To answer your question about textile restoration, in preparation for a new permanent exhibit, the museum brought in a consultant to train staff and volunteers. I had some background in sewing so opted to work on textiles. We learned invisible mending techniques and also some aspects of display. The vintage Hawaiian quilt needed first to be mended and then a backing to hold magnets had to be sewn to the back. The quilt is displayed by magnets. They are so powerful that someone with a pacemaker has to stand a certain number of feet away from them. Two other volunteers also started working on the quilt once they finished their projects. I am grateful for the opportunity given me to do that work.
Your comments were so thoughtful. Thank you, and best wishes for a healthy year.