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I think I’m between you and Chris. I have had pretty intense pain on the outer/upper side of my right butt now for about 2 months. That is totally different from my decades-long Sciatica pain. Close, but further out, and not radiating. Because of breast cancer issues I was worried about bone metastasis, but x-ray shows all is good. so, yes, I am sure it is an inflamed bursa. Very uncomfortable, and some days I am almost tempted to have a cortisone shot, and/or take pain pills. So far - nope. Exercise seems to help, so does swimming. And applying ice/heat, which I don’t do enough of. But it sure is really not good when you start your morning needing to sit on the toilet seat, and your bursitis won’t let you sit. That it hurts too much to be lowered at that squatting position.

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Hi I’m Lisa and I want to let you know it could be sacroilitis/sI joint dysfunction My pain was so severe that when sitting I used to make a fist and put under area when I sat or drove the pressure seemed to help. Seemed like nobody really knew what it was until I went to ortho for my trochanteric bursitis and explained what I was experiencing. Since then I get SI joint injections and this is the only relief. Good Luck