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I need a TKR: Do I do it, or go as long as I can?

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I want to find out what this operation is about

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Hello @happyat76, You will notice that we have merged your discussion to a similar discussion you started on the same topic so that other members following your story can stay updated. It sounds like you are still undecided about getting a knee replacement to help with the pain. I had my right knee replaced two years ago when I was 76 and it has gotten rid of the pain for me. One of the keys for me for having a successful recovery was following the surgeons instructions by doing pre-surgery exercises and post-surgery exercises to build the knee strength and make recovery easier.

Here is some information on the knee replacement procedure if that is the question you are asking - https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/knee-replacement/about/pac-20385276.

It sounds like you were still trying to decide whether or not to live with the pain in May of last year. Have you made a decision yet or discussed your concerns with your doctor or surgeon?

This might be a little long. I injured both my shoulder and knee back in approximately 2005. Had meniscus surgery on my knee in 2006 because it was completely torn. Everything went well. Had shoulder surgery in 2008 or so. Dr said was a mess and would take year of pt to rehab. Did not get good physical therapy. Anyhow I was only pain free for 6 months after a year and a half. I suffered in pain with shoulder for many years after thinking there was nothing else to do. Knee was great until I fell in 2018. Went to therapy for shoulder and knee. Knee got better but therapist said my shoulder was not improving and sent me back to primary care physician for MRI which then I was sent to orthopedics. He was a military surgeon who said I needed a reverse total shoulder which would require major rehab and hard work on my part. Anyhow I was very anxious about it but went through it. He told me to find a physical therapy place for rehab close to home. I called different places then visited a few and picked where I wanted to go. The place I chose said I would have the same therapist for each appointment! That clinched it for me. Ortho said reverse total shoulder is the most difficult recovery then the total knee with hip replacement being the easiest. I ended up with a great young 2 years out of school therapist who was and is a great therapist. Being into fitness and body builder he had just been through shoulder surgery himself and he rehabbed himself so he honestly had first hand knowledge of what I was experiencing. He is very detail oriented and it was so nice to have continuity of care. My scar looks amazing he made sure no scar tissue built up and I noticed that things he would say was exactly the same as the surgeon. Unfortunately for me there was an area the surgeon was unable to fix because he said I wouldn’t be able to use the arm. Having said all that even though I still go for dry needling from overdoing it because other muscles have to take over since I no longer have a rotator cuff. I am still way better off today with replacement. I believe had I gone back after the initial surgery failed I would have done better quicker. why do I say that
My knee started hurting etc again in 2021. When I saw my same surgeon he did X-rays said I needed a total knee. I said only if he would do it. Then I asked my pt would he take me on for that. I felt like I had the dream team again. Did pre surgery pt had the knee surgery was in the pt office doing therapy 2 days post op. Had surgery in May 2021 my knee is great.
Had 8 months pt with my same therapist. My surgeon used a robot I forgot it’s name but you can watch a total knee replacement surgery on u tube. I watched it after my surgery. I feel I did so much better with knee because I didn’t wait too long. I watched my mom end up in a wheel chair because she refused to have knee replacements and the pain got so bad for her! Did not want that for myself.
In addition my therapist explained that the exercise program he gave me needs to be a lifetime commitment. To date since reverse total shoulder surgery 2019 and total knee 2021 I’ve been doing all my exercises! Hopefully I will keep it up because I don’t want to take any steps backwards if I can help it.
Made sure to get all equipment and clothing ahead of time for surgery. Find a great surgeon and physical therapist!
Best of luck