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Hello Everyone- As some of you know I have a new lesion that will need treatment. I have set up Zoom calls with both my oncologist and surgeon to discuss what my treatment options should be for this week. They have both seen and read the CT scan and reports which suggest that the lesion is cancerous.
It's been a long time (4 years) since I have needed treatment so I would love to ask your help with mine!

1. What are my treatment options?
2. I have mutations- how do they affect my cancer?
3. Do I need a biopsy?
4. Is this the same area that had SBRT before?
5. If immunotherapy is an option, which ones, why, and side effects?
6. Are the goals the same for my care?

Will you help add to this or change the wording for me?

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Am so sorry to hear you have another lesion. You have experienced and through this forum, know of the many treatment paths, and over time, the medical world is evolving as well. It really challenges ones mental and physical stress levels.
Your good list of questions will prime the needed conversations.
You could ask about a PET for diagnosis and as far as treatment, Ablation could be an option.???
For my couple nodules, the doctors preferred to do surgery, provided my lung function and health could tolerate it. You and your doctors will need to determine the best path based on the past and current conditions. Please keep us informed and the best of luck to you.

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