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Welcome, welcome, welcome, @simona70. You have landed on Connect where 110,000 other folks including me have found helpful information about conditions and creative suggestions about treatments. I have just gone through a year of sharp rather debilitating pain in my right buttock if you will. It got me wondering and worrying......what if it is this, or what if it is that? I made my own diagnosis of a hip issue that would require surgery. Much to my happy surprise, I was told by my knee surgeon that it was one of five bursas in that area and appropriate injections just might keep it under control.

Can you share with me what has been done to help you understand the cause of your pain and discomfort? Have you had imaging done including an MRI? Perhaps you have also tried using heat to calm the area on your buttock cheek. Moist heat might be even more helpful.

Can you further describe what "particularly stiff" means to you? Is it a sharp pain that locks up that area? Would you describe the pain as what might be called "bruised". Have you had a fall? Overused the area? Let's see what other members might just recognize your symptom.

How would you classify the pain......does it come and go or just hang on to the same area? Do you have difficulty getting comfortable for sleep at night?

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.

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Thank you for your thoughtful response. The pain feels a bit like what I would feel if I were sore after exercise, but it does depend on whether I exercise and does not hurt more if I walk (in fact I feel it a bit less). I don't believe I have fallen or over sued the area, but I am 51 so maybe I have to get use to overuse meaning something different now than it used to. the Pain does hang on in the same area and It does not interfere with my sleep, but in the morning I feel stuck (this is what I mean with stiff). It seems to worsen with lack of movement over night. I have not done anything about it, but I should. Thanks, Simona