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Toe twitching/fasciculations?!

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Wow, thank you. I didn't want to send this discussion off onto a different tangent from the original poster's question, but yes — I have a cervical spine MRI and might consider surgery. However, mine does not show cord compression. It's other stuff going on at C5-C6 instead. Thank you for the information.

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@martinaston You are welcome. There are lots of patients talking about spine surgery on Connect in other discussions. If you use the search box at the top, you can search a term like ACDF and find other conversations about patient experiences with spine surgery. I'm glad you do not have spinal cord compression. Issues with compression of the nerve roots can also be very painful and debilitating. We are all a bit different in what is affected in the spine and it's relationship to what level the condition affects and what treatment is right for us. Spine surgery is a big step when you need to do that, so make sure you choose an excellent surgeon because you cannot undo the effects of surgery. Sometimes there are revision surgeries if something goes wrong, but it's better to get it right the first time and make sure to seek enough opinions to be able to choose wisely.

If you do want to seek an opinion for treatment at any of the Mayo Clinic Campuses, you make use this link.
I had some trouble finding a surgeon who was willing to help me, and I wish I had come to Mayo first.
Would Mayo be on your list of possible facilities if you are considering spine surgery?

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