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thanks so much for checking in! when I scheduled this appt for her I must have missed something in the fine print.... they wanted $5K to proceed further. thus the call never happened. she did see her PCP on Tuesday who gave a very positive report/prognosis. but she will follow up with meeting a local pulmonologist virtually end of this month. in the meantime she is slowly lowering her 02 while monitoring her PO with activity. she is young so we have so much more hope. she will need to moderate her activity so she doesn't feel like she's run a marathon after doing laundry ir going up her stairs. my words for her are strength. courage. hope.

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Wonderful news that she is recuperating - just remind her that anytime one has been hospitalized, there is a recovery period - it just seems that with Covid, it is longer. We got word this week that our son-in-law and 3yo grandson have Covid - fever, cough & stuffy nose - my daughter is sure the rest of them will follow (she's a school nurse, the schools are now remote due to enormously high levels of the virus circulating.) It seems like all her friends and their kids have it racing through their homes - kids are just little germ incubators - even hers, who are exceptionally good at masking! We just keep encouraging from afar - we couldn't be with them even if we travelled there.

Just keep encouraging your daughter and her family - maybe send her a meal subscription for a few weeks if you really want to do something. That's what my friend's daughter did for her after surgery down here. It really helped her to have some easy meals to prep.