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I think you have a good idea about asking to lower the dose of Duloxetine to 20 mg instead of 30. Whenever I start a new medication I ask for the lowest dose that is available and start with that. If I need more, I can always call the office and request a higher dose but that is usually not necessary. Like you, I have a high sensitivity to medications.

Another thing that has worked for me is to take the Duloxetine earlier in the evening, rather than at bedtime. That way some of the "fuzzy effects" like dizziness, sleepiness, etc. have worn off by the time I get up in the morning. I usually take the Duloxetine at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Also, if you take a lot of meds, be sure to drink lots and lots of water. Keeping hydrated is important for overall health and when you take meds it is really important.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you after your next appointment. Will you post again?

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I was told to try the Duloxetine again, but take they too said to take it earlier in the day. I’m just worried about having to go through too many hours with the lightheadedness. Will it go away with time or not? And how many days of the lightheadedness would I have to endure if that’s the case? And I’m to call back on Monday to tell them how I reacted this time. The same dosage; 30 mg is what they want me to stick with.

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