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@d13, and all…I've taken Cymbalta for several years with excellent results. It was first prescribed for help with fibromyalgia pain, peripheral neuropathy as well. It may help with depression, I hope so since that's part of the whole picture with fibromyalgia and other health issues I have. I've tapered off several other drugs with the help of my physician, at my request as I was on far too much chemical medication and was determined to reduce the stuff.

I now take 120 mg of Cymbalta. It helps my fibromyalgia and the peripheral neurology is much improved. I'm off hydrocodone, 800 mg ibuprofen 4x daily for years, Neurontin, Lyrica, and others. Now, I take Cymbalta, use medical marijuana 1:1, CBD:THC capsules and/or tincture at night, Requip for restless legs and it helps a lot with walking and daytime movement, and other meds I'll take for a long time. But, I'm off the really strong chemicals that affect the brain and cause fuzzy brain and other side effects. Now, I'm closer to my real self than I've been for as long as I can remember. It's wonderful. I feel free. And, Cymbalta is part of that free feeling. It's a good drug for me and my needs. I will continue to take it until I'm healed or ???

I hope this little testimonial from a patient with multiple health issues. Of all the drugs I've taken over the years, it helps the best at what it does and with no negatives. I have less pain and better control with the changes I've made. I send you blessings as you walk this journey through the medical system and your health challenges. Blessings, elizabeth

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I was prescribed Duloxetine or Cymbalta; 30mg, I woke up with lightheadedness and a little nauseous and dizziness. I’m waiting for a call from my oncologist office to see if this is normal when starting. I won’t be taking it tonight knowing what I experienced most of the day. I already have the chem brain fog; so this just made my head feel worse.

I seem to always have problems with side effects with medications. I would love to be able to not have to take pain medications; such as the hydrocodone or oxycodone. I’m hoping my oncologist office gets back to me today to see if I could start taking a lower dose; maybe 20 mg instead of the 30 mg. I don’t want the lightheadedness feeling all day. Thank you, for your response. I appreciate it.

May take cymbalta for depression and anxiety but worried about side effects…sweats? Increased restless leg? Will it help my mental health?

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