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Strange Symptoms Ruining My Life

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@kjmom1116 - When I was reading your post it struck me that your symptoms were so similar to my daughter’s illness before she was diagnosed at age 27 with Cushing’s disease.
There is an overproduction of the stress hormone cortisol- it can be caused by overstimulation from the brain to tell the adrenal glands to make cortisol - or the adrenal gland itself is pumping out too much.
She probably had this for years, but it can go in cycles for years, waxing and waning. It is very difficult to diagnose. It is also rare.
My daughter gained a lot of weight over 4-5 years and could not lose it.
She also was diagnosed with tachycardia and treated by a cardiologist with Toprol.
What gets me is that cardiology didn’t pursue testing- it is not normal for a young woman to have tachycardia.
She also suffered from repeated infections.
She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and treated for it.
It was actually her psychiatrist who diagnosed her with Cushing’s.
He actually looked at her and her features and remembered a lecture from medical school!
As soon as we heard of this we had to find a very good endocrinologist- we found one at a Cleveland Clinic office in Florida. She was quickly tested correctly and referred to another endocrinologist at UVA. It appeared that she had a tiny growth on her pituitary gland. UVA had a dedicated pituitary center.
The growth was removed and all the symptoms disappeared- including the bipolar disorder.
Obviously, this does not mean that you have that diagnosis but there are similar symptoms that don’t make sense. It appears that you have some hormonal problem- your periods and extra body hair.
I don’t know where you live but you have to find a very good endocrinologist. University medical center or Mayo Clinic.
There may be repeat of certain tests because hormone levels go up and down.
I hope I didn’t overwhelm you- it’s a lot to take in.
Can I answer any other questions for you?

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I am a 71 yrs young man and it seems I have a similar problem with my harmonies except sort a in reverse. Cortisol level low, PTH very high and Calcium, Sodium are elevated I also suffer from Bradycardia and had a Electric shock treatment in 2010 and I also have the flush feeling mostly in my left side of my head with many more levels of uncertain diagnosis. I do see a Endo Dr but have focused mostly on my low Cortisol level. I asked about the PTH (145) and Dr said I would bear watching?? Any suggestions.