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Thank you, @jenniferhunter for connecting. What groups do you participate in? Horses are beautiful animals and it's great that you can home three cats..This morning I walked past the house Lucy lives under and she came out to greet me, ate some food, let me pet her, then went back under the house. Does any period of history interest you in particular?

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@tsc, @johnbishop, @jenniferhunter, @auntioakley, and all...I enjoyed your interview with John. Good questions, wonderful answers. You seem to follow the instruction from your father, re kindness. Amazing what that one thing encompasses and the magic it could create in our world.

I have a kitty story also, which you may have read. I find my heart breaks when I come across a stray or outside animal who needs attention. My kitty, Samantha adopted me first by popping her little head up in the bushes to watch me every time I was outside, from my car or walking or watering the yard. She was tiny and adorable. just popped up and stayed a few feet away all the time. But she was always there.

At the time I had a serious cat allergy, so I couldn't pick her up or bring her inside. It was killing me since I love cats and as a child always had a kitty.

Well, she had decided this was her new home, so soon I had 5 tiny kittens in a large vase on my patio! Poor thing, she was pregnant and had the litter inside the large decorative vase. I saw her little head peeking up from the vase, realized she had babies, and thus began our love affair. My fiance and I helped her with the kittens, No allergy anymore! As soon as the kittens were homed, I took her to the vet to be spade. Apparently, she had an affair with a big, handsome male, black with white tuxedo cat. I didn't realize she was pregnant, so the kittens are in heaven waiting for her. I am still working on the guilt I feel about that situation!

She's happy, loving, very appreciative, and attached to my hip. She is a wonderful company, talks to me and I understand much of what she says. She speaks her version of my language and understands me. What an adventure we've had these past years. I'm very thankful for her.

So, that's my kitty. John's black cat is beautiful and quite the character, too. I'm sad for Lucy and the chained dog. Not good.
it's good meeting you and may you be blessed with joy. elizabeth

Hi Teri. I hang out the most in the Spine group since I am a spine surgery patient or the Bones and Joints, but I do frequent a lot of different groups and do some of the more unusual questions. If you click on my profile icon, you can see the groups I have participated in (or check my Spotlight interview), and in my profile if you click the comments tab on the left, you can see my posts and click on them to go to them. I like to help people overcome fear and learn to advocate for themselves. I also love the Art for healing discussion and Music helps me because that is very much in line with what I was doing to overcome my fears of spine surgery a few years back.

I did a Spotlight interview and you can find it here. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/blog/about-connect/newsfeed-post/meet-jenniferhunter-where-health-and-art-meet/

I love the history of the 1800's Western frontier so I enjoy painting scenes with covered wagons, stage coaches, Indians, pioneers, etc. I also occasionally paint my cats or flowers and pumpkins or even a tall ship. My 2 horses are both Tennessee Walkers. One is a rescued older horse that has now retired, and the other is a young horse I bought a year ago so I can trail ride again. I love animals too.