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They are taking me off the cortisol slowly and I have a good doctor that does her follow up with me and there's an MRI booked for March. I'm coming down to 10mg prednisone then 24 of Jan and will see my doctor around that time as well. I feel safe and well looked after so thats all good but im as you can guess and understand concerned as to what could happen when the dose is lowered. So far they haven't done or even mentioned a brain biopsy but in the papers from the MRI second one that I did recently it states that they firmly believe it to be Clippers so not sure if brain biopsy is something they will consider if it comes back? On my second MRI done 16th december everything seems to be fine again, doctor said that everything gone back. Is that normal for Clippers?

Thanks for the articles, ive read some online but always good to read more! Also thank you for replying to me and giving me your story and advice. Best regards

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@sweetpeanutbunny As I’ve been finding out over time, there seem to be several forms of Clippers. If you use Facebook, there is a private group called Clippers support group. You may want to check them out. In the meantime, i will look for the discussion on tapering off prednisone. But, here on Mayo Connect, you can ask questions about any health issue and get answers and personal experiences.
Do you have any special relaxation techniques that you use to manage your anxiety?