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Multiple Autoimmune Diseases & Post Covid

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Good morning @mamafluh and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I’m sorry you’re still dealing with covid-19 and the after effects. Many folks continue to have problems. There are a couple of discussions you may want to read through to see how other people have coped. You can also e-meet other members who may be able to answer your specific questions.
You said you’re also experiencing multiple autoimmune diseases. May i ask what they are?

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This is my first try at connect…are there others who have multiple autoimmune diseases? I am not who you asked but I have five so thought I’d respond ..in order of diagnosis, over 50 years, I have or had erythema nodosum, MS, sarcoidosis. Hashimoto, and anti phospholipid syndrome.

My first try at participation in this chat. No, I do not claim official diagnosis of autoimmune disease due to Covid. What I am trying to learn: is there a connection to my covid19 Pfizer vaccine and subsequent diagnosis approx two months later with CHF and severe anemia for which I required hospitalization. Furthermore, after treatment which included two IV infusions of iron, my blood labs rebounded but now have taken another nose dive. This is all despite a complete worrkup by gastroenterology which showed no GI bleeding and nephrology which showed my lab readings had returned to near normal. I am an octogenarian who has never had this anemia problem before.

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