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I have attached a map that shows mayo buildings and surrounding downtown connected via subway or skyway. Subways are blue, skyways are red. The map is few years old, so some things have changed. Example, there is no longer a Holiday Inn Express or Day's Inn. And some new hotels have been built. I live local so have not stayed in any of the hotels.

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Thank you for your input Laurie.

@retirement75 I had stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on Broadway and used the sky ways and the subways to walk to Mayo and my appointments at the Gonda Building. That was a very long walk that took us about 20 minutes. That might not be a great choice if walking or someone pushing a wheelchair is difficult. I always choose a hotel with a kitchen because I have food allergies, so it is hard to be able to eat in a restaurant, and these days I try to stay out of public places because of Covid, so the privacy of eating meals in a room is preferable.

The first time I came to Mayo, I stayed at the Days Inn that was a couple blocks from the Gonda building. It was older and not well kept, and apparently is no longer there anymore. When I had surgery at St. Mary's, I stayed right across the street at Aspen Suites. It was very nice and one of the more expensive suites (with full kitchens) because you could walk across the street and be in the hospital.

There is a new Candlewood Suites with full kitchens on Broadway in the area near the "Ear of Corn" water tower. (also near the Hampton Inn) You would need to drive or ride a shuttle to Mayo as it is about a mile away to the Mayo and Gonda Buildings. If you need to be at St. Mary's Hospital, that would be another mile down the road. There are Mayo shuttles between these campuses. I had also stayed at Towneplace Suites at 43rd Street NW which is farther north from Mayo about 2 or 3 exits down the highway from St. Mary's. A lot of closer hotels in walking distance are more expensive, and since we could drive to the clinic, it was OK to stay a bit farther away. I found Candlewood Suites to be the closest and most reasonable rates for my needs. Ask for the Mayo Clinic rate when you make reservations.

I would recommend calling the Concierge service because they can help you find the most reasonable rates or amenities that you are looking for, and it is a free service to Mayo patients. I called them and they recommended the new Candlewood Suites that I had not yet discovered and they are very friendly.

Five Ways to Contact Mayo Concierge Services

Phone: 507-538-8438

Live Chat: https://www.mayoclinic.org/patient-visitor-guide

Email: concierge@mayo.edu

Web form: https://www.mayoclinic.org/patient-visitor-guide/minnesota/becoming-a-patient/concierge-travel-services
In-person in Rochester MN: Lobby hours are 8:00-5:00 Monday through Friday. Offices are located in the International Center in the Mayo Mathew’s Lobby, Executive Lounge on Mayo 5, Radiation Oncology Lobby – Desk R

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