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I am just finding this mayo connect area to find out if others have incredible muscle pains post covid. I see you mention post arthritis like feeling post covid. I was competitive tennis player 2 weeks prior to me getting covid, and now 2.5 months later I can barely do any sort of slight exercise without huge muscle pain everywhere. I am hoping I can find some people on the forum to tell me maybe what type of blood tests to get post covid to find out why such bad muscle pain. My doctor's pass it off as if this is something normal, but it is not, especially for super active, in shape person pre-covid. If you know of any posts about what blood work to get to check muscle issues I am all ears, as my doctor's basically are doing nothing even after I tell them how painful this is. I keep telling them maybe it is Necrosis, or mytosis, etc. or whatever stuff happens after covid to muscle tissue and inflammation. Stay safe and well.

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check these levels, both are easy to fix.

A small drop in potassium level often does not cause symptoms, which may be mild, and may include:
Feeling of skipped heart beats or palpitations.
Muscle damage.
Muscle weakness or spasms.
Tingling or numbness.

10 Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency
Calcification of the arteries. Unfortunately, this is one of the first symptoms to appear, as well as one of the most serious. ...
Muscle Spasming & Cramping. ...
Anxiety & Depression. ...
Hormone Imbalances. ...
High Blood Pressure / Hypertension. ...
Pregnancy Discomfort. ...
Low Energy. ...
Bone Health.

I am the same. I did a 14 mile hike two Days before I got COVID (in great shape) and now am bed ridden with terrible muscle and joint pain but inflammatory markers and blood tests are all normal. Are you the same still?