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Staying (Lung) Safe this Holiday Season

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Hello – I have lung disease and chronic sinusitis. I too have a strong reaction to perfumes, scented candles, air fresheners, etc. but evergreen trees don't seem to be a problem for me. I wonder if its some chemical in perfume that is a problem for many? I really dislike when someone who sprays perfume and/or cologne on themselves and their clothes before they go out. That is the worst. When I'm exposed, unless I can remove myself immediately, I will have sinus drainage and severe coughing. I have to use my inhaler but still continue to cough. I also don't understand those who don't take my word for my intolerance to perfume etc. . Most of my friends, family, are very good about it, but some just don't get it. Its very hard to ride in a car with someone wearing perfume. I certainly appreciate those close to me who understand my problem with scents and avoid it. Thank you Colleen for the opportunity to hear others experiences also. Donna

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Same here, Donna! I cannot tolerate fabricated smells like air fresheners either. I have a story. My grandfather and his lady friend were excited to get invited to a wine tasting, having never done this before. They both got dressed in the best outfits, including the finishing touch of perfume and cologne. Imagine their disappointment when the event organizers had to turn them away at the door explaining that the perfumes would interfere with the wine tasting.

Well, I've turned by grandfathers disappointment into a positive for me. When we host a dinner party, I ask guests not to wear perfumes or fragrant soaps promising wines that don't mix well with strong scents. So far it has worked 🙂

Are you able to ask friends not to wear perfumes when in close quarters with you, like coming to dinner or riding in the car?

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