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Staying (Lung) Safe this Holiday Season

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@merpreb @sueinmn @jenniferhunter, the Mayo Clinic writing team is working on an article about lung health loosely based on the experiences you shared here. I'd also like to invite @chicagomichelle @pfists and others to join the conversation.

What does it feels like when you encounter some of the scenarios described above, like sitting next to someone with strong perfume or walking past a display of fragrant evergreen trees or wreaths? What do you wish people around you understood how this affects you so they could help?

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My main reaction is a wheezy cough, followed choking. If I get away quickly, and use my inhaler, I can sometimes short circuit a full asthma attack. The aftermath can be anything from a headache to days of nabbing to recover to a case of bronchitis. My biggest problems are cats, incense, air fresheners, detergents and softeners.

I wish people could understand that I didn't ask to be allergic to their favorite aroma and I'm not criticizing them, just trying to breathe.

Hello – I have lung disease and chronic sinusitis. I too have a strong reaction to perfumes, scented candles, air fresheners, etc. but evergreen trees don't seem to be a problem for me. I wonder if its some chemical in perfume that is a problem for many? I really dislike when someone who sprays perfume and/or cologne on themselves and their clothes before they go out. That is the worst. When I'm exposed, unless I can remove myself immediately, I will have sinus drainage and severe coughing. I have to use my inhaler but still continue to cough. I also don't understand those who don't take my word for my intolerance to perfume etc. . Most of my friends, family, are very good about it, but some just don't get it. Its very hard to ride in a car with someone wearing perfume. I certainly appreciate those close to me who understand my problem with scents and avoid it. Thank you Colleen for the opportunity to hear others experiences also. Donna

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