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I have had two knee replacements on one knee and have much pain when walking. I have had multiple physical therapy sessions and a nerve block to no avail. The more I walk the more it hurts. One Dr. said it could be IT band syndrome. Could myofascial release help my problem if it is IT band. My knee is secure and in the right place. Pain for 4 years now and no one seems to be able to figure it out. The pain is on the lateral side of the knee. Thanks for any help.

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Good evening @judyangel……I hoped to get back to you sooner but my MFR therapist has pneumonia. I finally got to talk with her today. She thinks you may be helped with MFR…..if you do have an IT band syndrome. It is certainly worth the effort. She explained to me how the MFR therapist would tackle the problem. It was a little to technical for me. However, I will see her again on Monday so if it is an IT band issue, I can be sure and get specific MFR information for you. Do you have an MFR therapist that you see regularly?

Just let me know and I will send it along.

After one of my knee replacements I had a really tight IT band. My PT is awesome and he could tell by watching me walk. He worked on it and I had great relief from the pain. Worth checking out. Admittedly it took me a long time to find a physical therapist that can work with me without hurting me. Worth the hunt (I interviewed him before starting with him).

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