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Vaughan and Fredericton are not in Ab. Not sure where Vaughan is. The other is in TO.
Where are you? Would be worth contacting Mayo to find out where u could get an antibody test done. IChor sends the samples to Mayo Clinic labs for processing.
I had mine done. My antibodies are at >250 (more than the test is set to count)
0.8 confirms you’ve had a Covid infection.

Other symptoms: hair is falling out.
Otherwise mostly recovered.
Had some tremors for a few weeks after- resolved now.
Have some inflammation ( an old chronic issue that has been dormant for 1.5 yrs)
A bit of depression setting in. (-30°C and few daylight hours & lockdowns also compounding)
Some memory/recall issues

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I’m happy to hear you’re mostly recovered from Covid. It’s always disconcerting when your hair falls out! That can be a pretty common reaction to an illness. I’ve heard a lot of positive results from people taking biotin supplements for hair loss.
I’m in northern Wisconsin so I share those dark, cold days with little vitamin D3. I take supplements and I also start out each morning sitting with my SAD light which gives a full spectrum ‘sunshine’. Seems to help keep me annoyingly perky. 😅

At this point in time, I’m not really in need of an antibody test. And, being immuno compromised, the results wouldn’t necessarily give an accurate indication of my immunity. I have had 2 shots and the booster so finger’s crossed that I have some level of response.

That’s true with any of the tests that are available. While they may indicate antibodies in the blood and show an immune response from Covid or the vaccine, there are other factors involving B and T cells, which come into play in creating the immune response when exposed to the virus.

But it’s great to see you have an antibody count. Means your immune system at least recognizes the covid virus and may offer you some protection in the future.

Did you have the covid vaccination?