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Hi @dsiemarie From what I’m reading in my research, iChor is a lab based in Alberta, Canada. COVID-19 Antibody Serology Testing is available in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Vaughan, and Fredericton only.

I’m so sorry you ended up with Covid! Do you have any other lingering side effects besides the disrupted sleep?
Were you fortunate enough to live near one of these cities to get tested?

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Vaughan and Fredericton are not in Ab. Not sure where Vaughan is. The other is in TO.
Where are you? Would be worth contacting Mayo to find out where u could get an antibody test done. IChor sends the samples to Mayo Clinic labs for processing.
I had mine done. My antibodies are at >250 (more than the test is set to count)
0.8 confirms you’ve had a Covid infection.

Other symptoms: hair is falling out.
Otherwise mostly recovered.
Had some tremors for a few weeks after- resolved now.
Have some inflammation ( an old chronic issue that has been dormant for 1.5 yrs)
A bit of depression setting in. (-30°C and few daylight hours & lockdowns also compounding)
Some memory/recall issues